I Love Being A Geek Cause Geeks Are Cool

The definition of the word “Geek” is according to the Oxford dictionary. Is an

Doctor Who experience (April 2014)

unfashionable and socially inept person and it’s sub meaning is a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast. With this sub meaning in mind I think well isn’t everyone a quote on quote “Geek”. Because we all are enthusiasts in a certain field. Weather that be in cars, cosplay, films, TV, anime, manga. You get the point. Each of us however many billion people now I’ve lost count are all in one way or another a geek.

Me personally I class myself as a geek because I obsess over music, gaming, DC, Marvel, Doctor Who, Internet personalities. Again you get the point. I took my love of everything geek culture to the next level at college when I decided to do a radio programme on geek culture. Which was perfectly named The Geek Show. The show was one of the most popular on my college’s radio station. I even had a fan-base of listeners at the college that constantly tweeted me in the studio. At one point I was with my then boyfriend eating lunch in the college cafeteria and girl came up to us and asked if I was the host of The Geek Show. I then said I was and her face lit up and she told me how much she enjoyed tuning into the show each week and my song choices too. She then asked me for a hug and told me to keep up the amazing work with the show. This then motivated me even more to make “The Geek Show” bigger and better than before. I had a community behind me just by expressing my love of being a geek over the airwaves. Now that made doing the show so special for me.

One of many geek show selfie

The way a geek is represented in mainstream media is that of a person who wear smart clothing (not so much a suit and tie affair), wears glasses, carries a LOT of books and is very socially awkward. The geek in the show, film, game etc is always the target of bullies that pick on that individual for being different. Then usually the bullies get a taste of karma and the geek comes out on top.We geeks often call ourselves names like underdogs and outsiders. We all feel like no one understands us and we feel lonely. But the reality is that we are never truly alone in our undying love for whatever we geekgasm over. There is a whole community of people out there just like you who completely understand you. You just have to know where to find them.

The best place to meet people in the geek community is by going to conventions. And I have been to my fair share of conventions over the last 5 years. My first convention was London MCM Comic Con in October 2012.

My first Comic Con (October 2012) ❤

Since then it has become a birthday weekend tradition for me. As my birthday falls the week of Comic Con so that gives me the excuse to extend my birthday celebrations. But I haven’t just gone to MCM Comic Con. In March 2016 I attended the 57th Insomnia gaming festival in Birmingham and this July I went to London Film and Comic Con at London Olympia. Thing I love about conventions is that you feel a sense of belonging and a part of something huge. Take my work friend Harry we immediately bonded over our love of all things geek culture at work and we bumped into each other at London MCM Comic Con in October this year. He cosplayed as Tom Hollands iteration of everyone’s friendly neighbourhood hero Spider-man.

#Spidermanexposed Harry and I at Comic Con


Now I love it when people cosplay especially if their costumes are handmade in every intricate detail it really shows your undying love for your favourite character. If you want to cosplay as a wise man once said JUST DO IT!!! And don’t let anyone stop you and dull your sparkle. Sure some people will judge you but the true people will appreciate and admire you for the effort you put into your cosplay. Yes I understand people have their own opinions. But conventions are a place where we all feel comfortable and free to be ourselves. And judging people and making them feel small is not painting a good picture for the geek community.

What I’m trying to say is. The world is already a twisted place to live in at this moment in time. With so many divides, restrictions and uncertainty. So we as a community need to break down the walls that divide us come together and collectively hold each other up through the tough times. And don’t be afraid to let your geek flag fly. Cause in the end of the day it makes you who you are. The things we love become a part of us, inspires us to do better and great things and allows us to make relationships with people just like us.

So as always you guys rock on like Donkey Kong. Don’t change stay strange and I’ll catch up with you guys soon.

Jennifer Diana Williamson

xxx ❤

Myself and my best friends at London MCM Comic Con October 2017 ❤ 







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