Over the weekend (Saturday May 14th-Sunday May 15th 2016) I attended the ESL Pro league season 3 finals of Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO for short) with my boyfriend Jamie. And oh my god what a weekend we have had. The event was held at the indigo at London’s O2 arena and before the doors opened passers by were coming up to Jamie and I asking what we were in the line for.Someone thought we were lined up for a football game. Seriously you can’t play football in the indigo O2. Watching their reactions as Jamie explained the concept of Esports was very amusing.

Then 1 o’clock and we were in and we immediately grabbed the best seats in the house. The first semi final match up was between NIP (Ninjas in pyjamas) and Luminosity. And after an intense best of three the victory of the first semi final went to Luminosity. Then after a break it was time for the second semi final between G2 sports and Fnatic. This match was the ultimate underdog wins best of three as G2 took the victory from Fnatic. Then on Sunday the doors opened at two instead and to get the crowd warmed up and ready for a very intense grand final the shoutcasters did a 3v3 best of three “friendly” match. This was very entertaining to say the least. Then the moment we had all been waiting for who would be crowned ESL Pro-league season 3 champions? Would it be the surprise that is G2 sports or would it be the world champions Luminosity. The match was a best of five. After G2 and Luminosity won two match points each it was all down to inferno to decide who would win the title. The match went to overtime as G2 and Luminosity were neck and neck. But the title went to Luminosity and my word what an intense and gripping grand final. G2 sports put up a strong fight against Luminosity but that was not enough for them to clench the title.

Myself and Jamie had an absolute blast at the finals and I would highly recommend that if you are an Esports fan like myself and Jamie go and see it live whenever you can get the chance. Others would argue why not just stay at home and watch the games on Twitch instead? You see when you watch the stream on Twitch you miss the sense of community, sure you have the chat bar at the side of the page so you can interact with others. But when you are in a live crowd you feel that community and you feel that you belong. Now being in a crowd that are passionate about the same thing as you, you feel less of an outsider. That’s exactly how Jamie and I felt. We left the O2 on Sunday feeling so awesome but our voices were not so okay.

Jennifer Diana Williamson xxxx ❤ 🙂