Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside: Dunster Beach 2015 in review

Dunster beach in sunny Somerset is a favourite holiday destination for me and my family. My parents discovered Dunster beach when my mother was pregnant with yours truly (18 years ago) after a washout in their Butlins hotel room. Now Dunster beach is our home away from home.

The skies the limit
The skies the limit
Beautiful Dunster Beach

Ever since this discovery each year coming down to Dunster is a whole different adventure and experience. Here is how I think this years holiday went.

First of all, the chalet we stayed in was the same chalet we had stayed in the previous year called “Ducks Crossing”. The chalet was cosy but some days the weather was not kind to us so we had the warmth of a tiny heater. Sleeping in the chalet was amazing (as previous chalets we had stayed in required me to sleep on a very uncomfortable airbed in the kitchen) so I woke up feeling refreshed in the morning. But overall the chalet was well equipped and arranged for us to live in for the fortnight we were staying there.

Next, the facilities in the resort were average as our chalet didn’t have a shower in it we had to use the shower block close to our corresponding chalet. Some days I would come to the shower block and the previous user left the shower clean  how I would expect to find it but other times I would come in and there were traces of dirt, sand and even hair in the shower as well. This left me disgusted as it clearly states on a notice in the shower itself ” Leave this shower in the condition you would expect to find it by washing away any dirt, sand and hair for the next user thank you”. Yes thank you to the previous user who left the shower in such a state. Also another thing that had left me disappointed was the on site shop or should I say just café. The lack of goods and confectionary made my inner child cry as on previous visits (preferably when I was little) mum would give us each one pound to fulfil our sugar rushed dreams. Now those dreams taste so bittersweet.

But there are some good things that came out of the whole experience as there was plenty to do in the resort and touristy places outside the beach. Within the beach you could take a relaxing walk through the nature trail and feel one with nature perfect for any wildlife enthusiasts. Also the beach itself stretches for miles so plenty of space to let off some steam and relax. You could visit Dunster village a proper medieval village with a fantastic range of one of a kind shops and cosy eateries. There at the village you can go and explore Dunster castle the star attraction of Dunster village. On the topic of history for all steam train fanatics you can take a trip through the west Somerset railway and go back in time. Lastly the seaside town of Minehead has all the perks that a seaside town can offer fantastic eateries, arcades, gift shops and fantastic scenery. So loads to do so you will certainly not be bored out of your brain.

So to close I had a wonderful 2 weeks at Dunster beach I had all the comforts of home so I wasn’t too home sick. The sights, sounds and tastes of this holiday thrilled my senses and I created many happy memories and stories to tell relatives. friends and my boyfriend Jamie all about. So thank you Dunster for an incredible two weeks and see you next year.

Jennifer Diana Williamson xxx 🙂 ❤